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Language Equality is Under Threat in Canada

The use of provincial and national notwithstanding clauses will suppress basic human rights for all Quebecers in extreme and illegitimate ways at home, at school, the workplace and in their commercial transactions.

To make matters even worse, the federal government has confirmed that Quebec can, on its own without using Constitution’s pre-established amending formula, amend Canada’s Constitution to declare itself a nation, that Quebecers are a nation, and that French is its only “official” and common language.

The proposed unilateral Constitutional amendment is, in itself, unconstitutional and ill-advised public policy that will affect other aspects of the Canadian Constitution.

The Parliament of Canada

Quebecers, Francophones, Anglophones, Allophones, and all Canadians can stand united for equal and official bilingualism.

Logic, fact, morality and the law are on our side.