Our rights are under attack

This Task Force was formed to give you and the public at large an understanding of the worrisome clauses contained in Bill 96, the new provincial legislation that was tabled by the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) Government of Quebec.

Bill 96 will allow Quebec officials:

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What We Stand For

We stand for 4 principled linguistic policies and against 3 flawed ones. Find out what they are

Language Equality is Under Threat in Canada

Save the Equality of the French and English Languages in Quebec and Canada.

The Throne Speech in September 2020:  

The Federal government announced the long awaited Official Language Act (OLA) overhaul would now scrap linguistic equality and prioritize French over English. 

Federally regulated labour markets in Fall 2020:

The Federal government proposed that the new French-predominant OLA, or Bill 101 as advocated by the Bloc, NDP and Conservatives and the Quebec government, will now apply to all federally regulated workers in Quebec.

White Paper on Official Languages in early 2021:

The Federal government plans to release a White Paper, an authoritative report on policy proposals, for the new French-predominant OLA.

The Parliament of Canada

Quebecers, Francophones, Anglophones, Allophones, and all Canadians can stand united for equal and official bilingualism.

Logic, fact, morality and the law are on our side.