Hundreds in West End caravan protest Bill 96

The Bill 96 caravan leaves Walmart on Jean Talon and proceeds to Trenholme Park. By Joel Goldenberg Photo
A large crowd gathered at Trenholme Park as part of the protest against Bill 96 and other CAQ laws. Joel Ceausu Photo

The monthly protests against language law Bill 96 held by the Task Force on Linguistic Policy came to the west end Sunday, with a procession of cars that travelled from Walmart on Jean Talon in Côte des Neiges to Trenholme Park in NDG, attracting hundreds of participants. Other motorists honked in support as the caravan proceeded through the streets, and at Trenholme Park. Previous caravans took place in the West Island, downtown and other locales.

Andrew Caddell, head of the Task Force, told The Suburban at Walmart that “we’re going to be heard, we’re not going away, and we’re going to continue these rallies to raise awareness of all the egregious elements of Bill 96.” At Trenholme Park, Caddell, joined by many other speakers. also discussed the CAQ government’s plan to almost double Quebec university tuition fees for students outside of the province, another of a series of policies after Bills 96, 40 abolishing school boards and 21 banning religious dress for those in authority under provincial jurisdiction and teachers.